Diamond Processing


Consulmet's core expertise lies in diamond processing and recovery for alluvial, kimberlite and lamproite deposits. We design, build and operate complete diamond processing plants for major diamond producers, including Rio Tinto, Gem Diamonds, and Lucapa Diamonds.

Our plants are based around a range of in-house designed and built diamond processing modules and circuits, which include:

  • XRT (X-ray transmission) modules;

  • Dense Media Separation (DMS) modules;

  • Crushing, milling and scrubbing circuits; and

  • Final recovery (X-ray, grease and final sorting) circuits.

We also have a range of state-of-the art trailer and skid-mounted pilot and bulk sampling plants that we have designed and built for clients such as Rio Tinto and BHP.

Signature Diamond Projects

Mothae Diamonds

Lucapa Diamonds, Lesotho

Ghagoo Diamond Mine

Gem Diamonds, Botswana

Project FalCon

Rio Tinto, Canada

ROM bin and scrubbing circuit

Koidu Diamonds

BSG Resources,

Sierra Leone

Flowsheet Design & Simulation

Our team are experts in all aspects of diamond processing from crushing and feed preparation, through to final recovery. As part of every Consulmet diamond processing plant, we complete a full flowsheet simulation to optimise diamond liberation and recoveries across all targeted stone sizes.


We have been working with XRT units for diamond recovery since the late 2000s. We can integrate XRT units into a project flowsheet (to optimise large stone recovery and reduce diamond breakage/damage) or provide a stand-alone, modular XRT recovery plant.

The game-changing XRT technology is regularly featured in the industry press:

70 tph mobile XRT plant

Model of 70 tph mobile XRT plant

Dense Media Separation (DMS)

We built our first diamond DMS module in 2006. Since then Consulmet has designed, built and operated dozens of DMS modules and plants for major diamond producers including:

  • Rio Tinto,

  • De Beers,

  • Gem Diamonds,

  • Namakwa Diamonds, and

  • Lucapa Diamonds.

We now have a full range of in-house designed and built diamond DMS modules for both lumps (coarse) and fines for tonnages from 10 tph to 250 tph.

Crushing, Milling & Scrubbing

The correct selection and design of crushing, milling and scrubbing circuits are essential to diamond liberation for kimberlite and lamproite ores. Equipment must be carefully integrated into the project flowsheet to maximise plant throughput whilst preventing the breakage and loss of large diamonds. We have vast experience in the design and operation of:

  • autogenous mills;

  • hybrid and HPGR crushers; and

  • log washers and conventional scrubbers for high-clay ores.

Consulmet works with industry-leading equipment vendors to simulate and specify the optimum feed preparation flowsheet to ensure that diamond recoveries can be optimised. We can also integrate our XRT modules into the circuit to maximise the recovery of large stones and reduce the possibility of diamond damage.

Final Recovery

Consulmet designs, builds and operates final recovery houses incorporating X-ray machines, grease belts and glove boxes. We also design and install state-of-the art security systems.

Bulk Sampling & Pilot Plants

Consulmet offers a pre-designed range of trailer and skid-mounted bulk sampling and pilot plants, including XRT, DMS, crushing and scrubbing units.

10 tph trailer-mounted bulk sampling plant

30 tph trailer-mounted bulk sampling plant (for BHP)

Skid-mounted bulk sampling plant (for Rio Tinto, Canada)

1 tph pilot DMS module

Model of 1 tph pilot DMS module

Track Record

Major Projects



  • Saskatchewan, Canada - Design and construction of a bulk sampling plant for Rio Tinto's Project FalCon.

  • Letšeng Diamond Mine - Design and construction of primary and secondary crushing and screening circuit for Gem Diamonds.

  • Samada Diamonds - Design and construction of a 70 tph diamond plant.


  • Mothae Diamond Mine, Lesotho - Design and construction of a complete 1.1 Mtpa kimberlite plant for Lucapa Diamonds.

  • Saxendrift Mine, South Africa - Design and construction of 70 tph mobile XRT plant to process alluvial diamonds.


Lulo Diamond Mine, Angola - Design and construction of a 150 tph wet front-end plant with an XRT unit for Lucapa Diamonds. The plant was operated by Consulmet for approximately 18 months.

2015 to present

Lucara Diamonds, Boteti/Karowe, Botswana - Consulmet operates and maintains fourteen XRT diamond recovery machines. Approximately eight thousand tons are processed in a day with size fractions from -4 mm up to -120 mm.


Ghaghoo Diamond Mine, Botswana - Design, construction and operation of a complete 150 tph kimberlite process plant (including an autogenous milling circuit and concentrator) and ancillaries for Gem Diamonds.


  • Koidu Diamonds, Sierra Leone - Design and construction of a complete 1.2 Mtpa mine and kimberlite process plant for BSG Resources.

  • Kao, Lesotho - Upgrade of existing process plant to 500 tph (including upgrade of scrubbing, recrush and tailings circuits, and final recovery) for Storm Moutain Diamonds.

2004 to 2012

Rio Tinto, Murowa Diamond Mine, Zimbabwe - Various D&C projects were completed for Rio Tinto, including new DMS modules and a three-stage crushing circuit.


  • Zimbabwe - Design and construction of a complete 400 tph diamond plant (including 100 tph DMS module and low-profile X-ray recovery unit).

  • Zimbabwe - Design and construction of a complete 100 tph diamond plant (including 100 tph front end, 30 tph DMS module, and 40 tph XRT module). This was the first diamond production plant to use XRT technology.


Zimbabwe - Design and construction of a complete 300 tph alluvial process plant (including two 65 tph DMS modules and a high-capacity final recovery plant with 6 x Double pass Flowsort X-ray machines). The plant required low intensity and high intensive magnet separation for banded iron removal.


Grandwell Diamonds, South Africa - Design and construction of a complete 100 tph processing plant for The New Reclamation Group.


  • Lace Diamond Mine, South Africa - Design and construction of a complete 220 tph tailings retreatment plant (including recrush circuit, 100 tph and 65 tph DMS modules, and final recovery plant) for DiamondCorp.

  • Prismatica, South Africa - Design and construction of a complete 200 tph process plant for P van Wyk.

  • Ship-mounted marine plant - Design and construction of a complete plant, including a 2,400 m³/hr front-end, 20 tph DMS and final recovery for International Underwater Sampling Limited.

  • Lúo, Angola - Design and construction of a complete 150 tph plant to process highly weathered kimberlite for Luo Sociedade de Miniera Camatchia-Camagico.

  • Lúo, Angola - Design and construction of a complete 220 tph plant to process alluvial ore for Luo Sociedade de Miniera Camatchia-Camagico.


Angola - Design and construction of 3 x 30 tph complete trailer-mounted bulk sampling plants (including 3 x 10 tph DMS modules) for BHP Billiton.


Canvuri, Angola - Design and construction of 200 tph alluvial diamond plant, including a 65 tph DMS module.

Other Diamond Projects


  • Mothae Diamond Mine, Lesotho - Upgrade of plant to 250 tph ROM feed.

  • Montepuez Rubies, Mozambique - Design and construction of a 250 tph front-end upgrade including belt feeder and hopper.


  • Angola - Design and construction of a 400 tph trommel module.


  • Guiter Mining, Guinea - Plant upgrade including a coarse X-ray plant, dump treatment plant, yellow plant upgrade and crushing plant.

  • Alexkor Diamonds - Refurbishment of existing front-end and DMS plant plus upgrading of FlowSort recovery.


  • Meya Diamond Mine, Sierra Leone - Design and construction of a 50tph complete diamond processing plant (including final recovery with two Flow Sort diamond recovery machines and Tomra XRT unit).

  • Amulet Diamonds, Botswana - Refurbishment, upgrade and operation of an existing diamond plant.


Argyle Diamond Mine, Western Australia - Design and build of in-pit processing unit.


Superkolong - Design, supply and commissioning of a 30 tph DMS module for De Beers.


Ellendale Diamond Mine, Western Australia - E4 Recommissioning Project for Kimberley Diamonds.


Muisvlak, South Africa - Refurbishment of existing 100 tph front-end and 65 tph DMS, and upgrade of Flow Sort final recovery for Alexkor Diamonds.


Merlin Diamond Mine, Northern Territory - Various studies and plant audits.


Middle Orange River, South Africa - Design and construction of a 150 tph front-end plant to treat alluvial and kimberlite ores for Diacor.


Kimberley, South Africa - Design and construction of two 150 tph DMS plants for Sonop Diamond Mining.


  • Luarica Mine, Angola - Design and construction of a 200 tph front-end plant for Transhex.

  • Zambia - Design and construction of a complete 20 tph emerald processing plant for Gemfields Holdings.