DMS Modules & Plants

Consulmet offers a Production Ready Range of in-house designed and fabricated dense media separation (DMS/DMC) modules and plants. We developed our first DMS modules in 2006, and now have dozens operating in mines around the world. Our standard DMS modules can process coarse/lump, fines and ultra fines in capacities up to 450 tph.

We have designed, built, operated and maintained DMS/DMC modules for Rio Tinto, BHP, De Beers, and other international mining companies to process:

  • Andalusite

  • Antimony

  • Coal

  • Copper

  • Diamonds and precious gemstones

  • Gold

  • Iron ore (haematite)

  • Lead

  • Lithium

  • Manganese

  • Nickel

  • Tin

  • Tungsten

  • Zinc.

Our Production Ready Range of DMS plants are designed to the Dutch State Mines' principles and incorporate the latest innovations in DMS design resulting in improved recovery efficiencies, optimised ferrosilicon/magnetite recovery and ease of operation and maintenance.

We have developed considerable expertise in all aspects of DMS design and operation, including the design of high- and ultra-high density DMS plants and material feed preparation for fine and ultra-fine DMS circuits.


450 tph coal DMC module (as built)

450 tph coal DMC module (drawing)

50 tph iron ore DMS module

Iron ore DMS cyclone

100 tph nickel DMS module

100 tph and 65 tph diamond DMS modules

200 tph DMS plant under construction

30 tph skid-mounted DMS plant

1 tph pilot DMS module

30 tph trailer-mounted DMS plant

Ship-mounted 20 tph diamond DMS module

Skid-mounted 20 tph diamond DMS module

Two 180 tph diamond DMS modules

Water testing a 150 tph coarse/lump diamond DMS module in Consulmet's yard