DMS Modules & Plants


Consulmet is a world leader in Dense Media Separation (DMS) technology.  We developed our first DMS modules in 2006 and now have dozens operating in mines around the world for major producers, including Rio Tinto, Anglo American, Gécamines, and Gem Diamonds. 

We have designed, built and operated coarse/lump, fine and ultra-fine DMS modules and multi-stage DMS plants to process:

Standard Capacities

Our standard, pre-engineered DMS modules and plants are available in the following nominal capacities:

NOTE: The actual capacity may vary from the stated nominal capacity depending on the specific commodity to be processed. 

Formats and Features

Trial Erection & Water Testing

A cornerstone of our Project Delivery Model is the trial erection of all our plants before they are disassembled for painting and packing for shipment.  This rigorous process minimises the duration of on-site construction and eliminates the high costs traditionally associated with reworking components on-site that do not fit.

During the trial erection of our DMS modules, we trial fit all major equipment, and water test the circuits.  This process allows us to confirm the compatibility of all components, ensuring a smoother and more efficient installation at your project site.

Depending on the size of the DMS module, we can ship fully assembled DMS modules to expedite installation further and accelerate the commencement of operations.

Water testing a 150 tph coarse DMS plant

Water testing a 150 tph coarse/lump diamond DMS module in Consulmet's yard


We can supply all of our DMS modules and plants complete with the following:

Our state-of-the-art, in-house 5 tph DMS Test Plant allows for closed-circuit DMS beneficiation of bulk samples under authentic operating conditions. Our process engineers can utilise the test results to design and construct a bespoke production DMS plant to the requirements of your specific project.

Alongside our pre-engineered range, we offer a full bespoke DMS Plant service from testwork to installation, commissioning and operation.

2 tph DMS Module

Model of a 2 tph DMS module
2 tph DMS module

10 tph DMS Module

10 tph DMS module
Model of a 10 tph DMS module

20 tph DMS Module

Model of a 20 tph DMS module
20 tph DMS module

30 tph DMS Module

30 tph DMS module
Model of a 30 tph DMS module

50 tph DMS Module

Model of a 50 tph DMS module
50 tph DMS module

65 tph DMS Module

65 tph DMS module
Model of a 65 tph DMS module

100 tph DMS Module

Model of a 100 tph DMS module

150 tph DMS Module

150 tph DMS module
Model of a 150 tph DMS module

200 tph DMS Module

Model of a 200 tph DMS module
200 tph DMS module

450 tph DMS Module

450 tph DMS module
Model of a 450 tph DMS module