Plant Design

Plant Layout

The layout of a process plant is one of the critical factors in its efficient and safe operation.  The plant layout can significantly impact the project's capital and operational costs, productivity, safety, and ability to meet environmental regulations.  

Consulmet considers several essential criteria when developing a plant layout:

A typical Consulmet plant layout considers the facility's functionality, safety, and environmental impact while minimising capital and operational costs.  A well-designed plant layout can contribute significantly to the overall success of a mining operation.

Model of 550 tph Crushing Circuit

Plant Modelling

All of our plants are fully designed and modelled in 3D before fabrication commences.  Our 2D layout drawings are generated from full 3D models.

Model of Final Recovery Plant
Model of Final Recovery Plant
Model of 550 tph Crushing Circuit

Our Common Data Environment

Our Common Data Environment (CDE) is a centralised repository for storing, managing, and accessing all information related to our projects.

The advantages of a CDE include:

To illustrate the power of our CDE, below is a video of a walkthrough of a large mill installation recently designed and built by the Consulmet team. Such projects, given their complexity and required accuracy, can be challenging. However, the use of our CDE enabled effective and efficient information management, leading to a successful outcome.

Multi-Discipline Engineering Capability

In addition to our processes engineering team, Consulmet provides a full multi-disciple suite of engineering services, including:

• Mechanical engineering:

• Electrical & instrumentation engineering:

• Civil & structural engineering: