Dense Media Separation


Consulmet is a world leader in Dense Media Separation (DMS) technology.  We developed our first DMS modules in 2006 and now have dozens operating in mines worldwide for major producers, including Rio Tinto, Anglo American, Gécamines, and Gem Diamonds. 

We offer a full bespoke DMS design service alongside our extensive range of pre-engineered DMS modules and plants.   Our in-house DMS Test Plant is available for pilot testwork and the production of bulk concentrate samples for offtake agreements.

3 x 200 tph DMS Modules

3 x 200 tph DMS Modules

Consulmet has designed, built and operated coarse/lump, fine and ultra-fine, and super-high-density DMS modules and multi-stage DMS plants to process:

Case Studies

100 tph Nickel DMS Plant

450 tph Coal DMC Plant

3 x 200 tph DMS Modules

ROM bin and scrubbing circuit

Gravity-fed 150 tph Coarse DMS Plant

Super-High DMS Iron Ore Plant

150 tph Copper DMS Plant

50 tph Iron Ore DMS Plant

Bulk Sampling DMS Plant for Rio Tinto

What is Dense Media Separation?

Dense Media Separation (DMS), also known as Heavy Media Separation, is a technique used to separate particles based on their density.  DMS is commonly used to pre-concentrate lithium ores, iron ore, and diamonds and to "wash" coals.

The primary principle of DMS involves introducing the feed material into a medium with a density different to the target material and the unwanted waste material.  The particles in the feed material will float or sink in the medium, allowing for easy separation.

A basic step-by-step description of the process is as follows:

DMS is a powerful and efficient technique due to its high capacity, ability to treat a wide range of particle sizes (from 75 mm down to less than 0.5 mm), and high efficiency in separating different minerals based on density.  However, the process requires precise control to ensure that the density of the medium and the feed material are correctly matched.

Our DMS Design Philosophy

Our DMS plants are designed to the Dutch State Mines' principles and incorporate the latest innovations in DMS design, resulting in improved recovery efficiencies, optimised ferrosilicon/magnetite recovery, and ease of operation and maintenance. 

We have developed considerable expertise in all aspects of DMS design and operation, including:

Our state-of-the-art, in-house 5 tph DMS Test Plant allows for closed-circuit DMS beneficiation of bulk samples under authentic operating conditions.  Our process engineers can utilise the test results to design and construct a bespoke production DMS plant to the requirements of your specific project.

Our DMS Capability

200 tph DMS plant under construction

We have a full range of in-house designed and built pre-engineered DMS modules for both lumps (coarse) and fines for tonnages from 1 tph to 500 tph. 

30 tph skid-mounted DMS plant

Ship-mounted 20 tph DMS module