DMS Pilot Testwork

Designed to reflect the conditions and operating performance of a full-scale Consulmet DMS plant, our in-house 5 tph Test Plant allows our customers to conduct closed-circuit DMS beneficiation of bulk samples.  

The test plant can take a particle feed size of -15+0.5 mm.

We capture all process variables during testing, providing valuable input for the design of your production plant.  This approach aids in minimising process uncertainty, reducing capital costs, and lowering project risks.  For quality control, we offer the option of sending test samples from pilot runs to external laboratories for assay.

Our 5 tph DMS Test Plant can also produce bulk samples for downstream testing and generate representative samples for potential customer off-take agreements.

For more information or if you would like to request a testwork quotation, please contact us at

5 tph Test DMS Plant

5 tph DMS Test Plant (as built)

Model of 5 tph Test DMS Plant

5 tph DMS Test Plant (model)